cast1 W3 [ka:st US kæst] v past tense and past participle cast
1 cast light on/onto something
2 cast doubt(s) on something
3¦(light and shade)¦
4 cast a shadow/cloud over something
6 cast an eye on/over something
7 cast a vote/ballot
8 cast a spell on/over somebody
9 cast your mind back
10 cast aspersions on something/somebody
16¦(send away)¦
17 cast your net (far and) wide
19 cast a shoe
20 cast a horoscope
Phrasal verbs
 cast about/around for something
 cast somebody/something<=>aside
 cast away
 cast off
 cast on
 cast somebody/something<=>out
 cast something<=>up
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old Norse; Origin: kasta]
1.) cast light on/onto sth
to provide new information about something, making it easier to understand
research findings that cast new light on the origin of our universe
The numerous biographies of Baldwin cast little light on the subject.
2.) cast doubt(s) on sth
to make people feel less certain about something
Her documentary casts serious doubt on Gilligan's conviction.
literary to make light or a shadow appear somewhere
cast sth over/on/across sth
The flames cast dancing shadows on the walls.
the shade cast by low-hanging branches
4.) cast a shadow/cloud over sth
literary to make people feel less happy or hopeful about something
The allegations cast a cloud over the Mayor's visit.
Her father's illness cast a shadow over the wedding celebrations.
5.) ¦(LOOK)¦ [T]
literary to look quickly in a particular direction
cast a look/glance at sb/sth
She cast an anguished look at Guy.
cast sb a glance/look
The young tramp cast him a wary glance.
She blushed, casting her eyes down .
6.) cast an eye on/over sth
to examine or read something quickly in order to judge whether it is correct, good etc
Mellor cast an eye over the draft for inaccuracies.
cast a critical/expert etc eye
Tonight,Tim Goodman casts a cynical eye on TV ads.
7.) cast a vote/ballot
to vote in an election
Barely one in three will bother to cast a ballot on February 26th.
To qualify, candidates must get at least 10% of the votes cast.
8.) cast a spell on/over sb
a) to attract someone very strongly and to keep their attention completely
Hong Kong casts a spell over the visitor almost as soon as the aircraft touches down.
b) to use magic words or acts to change someone or something
She's a witch, and she'll cast a spell on you if she catches you.
9.) cast your mind back
literary to try to remember something that happened in the past
cast your mind back to
Cast your mind back to your first day at school.
cast your mind back over
He frowned, casting his mind back over the conversation.
10.) cast aspersions on sth/sb
formal to suggest that someone is not as truthful, honest etc as they seem
remarks that cast aspersions on the integrity of the jury
11.) ¦(METAL)¦ [T]
to make an object by pouring liquid metal, plastic etc into a ↑mould (=hollow container)
cast sth in/from sth
a statue of a horse cast in bronze
12.) ¦(ACTING)¦ [T]
to choose which people will act particular parts in a play, film etc
cast sb alongside/opposite sb
(=choose people for the two main roles)
Pfeiffer was expected to be cast alongside Douglas in Basic Instinct.
cast sb as sth
Coppola cast him as Sodapop in The Outsiders.
cast sb in a role/a part/the lead
The producer finally cast Finsh in the male lead.
13.) ¦(DESCRIBE)¦ [T]
to regard or describe someone as a particular type of person
cast sb as sth
Clinton had cast himself as the candidate of new economic opportunity.
Clarke's trying to cast me in the role of villain here.
14.) ¦(THROW)¦ [T always + adverb/preposition]
literary to throw something somewhere
= ↑toss
Sparks leapt as he cast more wood on the fire.
15.) ¦(FISHING)¦ [I and T]
to throw a fishing line or net into the water
There's a trick to casting properly.
16.) ¦(SEND AWAY)¦ [T always + adverb/preposition]
literary to force someone to go somewhere unpleasant
cast sb into prison/Hell etc
Memet should, in her opinion, be cast into prison.
17.) cast your net (far and) wide
to consider or try as many things as possible in order to find what you want
We cast our net wide to get the right person for the job.
18.) ¦(SKIN)¦
when a snake casts its skin, the top layer of skin falls off slowly
= ↑shed
19.) cast a shoe
if a horse casts a shoe, the shoe falls off by accident
20.) cast a horoscope
to prepare and write a ↑horoscope for someone
the die is cast atdie2 (3), throw in/cast your lot with sb/sth atlot2 (8), cast pearls before swine atpearl
cast about/around for [cast about/around for sth] phr v
to try hard to think of the right thing to do or say
She cast about frantically for an excuse.
Telecoms companies are casting around for ways of recouping huge losses.
cast aside [cast sb/sth<=>aside] phr v
to remove or get rid of someone or something because you no longer want or need them
When Henry became King, he cast aside all his former friends.
cast aside inhibitions/doubts etc
Cast aside your fears.
cast away phr v
to be left alone on a lonely shore or island because your ship has sunk
If you were cast away on a desert island, what would you miss most?
cast off phr v
1.) to untie the rope that fastens your boat to the shore so that you can sail away
2.) cast sb/sth<=>off
literary to remove or get rid of something or someone that you no longer want or need
His family had cast him off without a penny.
3.) to finish a piece of ↑knitting by removing the stitches from the needle to make an edge that will not come undone
cast sth<=>off
Cast off four stitches.
cast on phr v
to start a piece of ↑knitting by making the first stitches on the needle
cast sth<=>on
Cast on 132 stitches.
cast out [cast sb/sth<=>out] phr v
literary to force someone or something to leave a place
God has cast out the demons from your soul.
cast up [cast sth<=>up] phr v
if the sea casts something up, it carries it onto the shore
A body had been cast up on the rocks.
cast 2
cast2 n
2¦(on arm/leg)¦
3¦(for making a shape)¦
4 somebody's cast of mind
1.) ¦(ACTORS)¦
all the people who perform in a play, film etc
cast of
Films like 'Ben Hur' have a cast of thousands.
the entire cast of 'Les Miserables'
an all-star cast
a strong supporting cast (=everyone except the main actors)
a member of the cast
2.) ¦(ON ARM/LEG)¦ also plaster cast
a hard protective case that is put over your arm, leg etc because the bone is broken
Murray has his leg in a cast .
a ↑mould (=hollow container) into which you pour liquid metal, plastic etc in order to make an object of a particular shape, or the object made in this way
cast of
Make a cast of the statue.
4.) sb's cast of mind
formal the way that a person thinks and the type of opinions or mental abilities they have
Mary was of a far less intellectual cast of mind.
5.) ¦(FISHING)¦
the act of throwing a fishing line into the water
6.) ¦(COLOUR)¦
literary a small amount of a particular colour
Sage leaves have a silvery cast.
7.) ¦(EYE)¦
old-fashioned a problem with your eye which causes it to look sideways
8.) ¦(EARTH)¦
a small pile of earth that a ↑worm produces on the surface of the ground

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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